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Online Course What Is Mian Xiang

As one of the time-tested Five Arts (Wu Xing) of Chinese Metaphysics, Mian Xiang falls under the study of the physiognomy of the features, contours, shapes and hues of the face. In Mian Xiang, however, a person's face is more than what he or she shows the world; it's also a virtual map of this person's potential and destiny in life.

Our increasingly time-strapped modern era requires us to be able to make quick evaluations of the people we meet, often after only meeting them for the first time. How do you know if the person in front of you is the right person to hire for your company? How can you ensure that the person in front of you is the right one with whom you should pursue a business partnership, or hire as a full-time caretaker for your children?

The knowledge and skill of Face Reading allows you to accurately observe and evaluate a person's character, and even foretell his or her destiny. With the ability to read the face in front of you, you can discern as much or as little information you need at any given time. Face Reading is a skill that can be learned and practiced and honed to the point of precision, and a skill that you can use at any given time. After all, faces are in front of you all the time - it's what you make of those faces that makes all the difference.

And learning the skills of Mian Xiang helps you make that difference.

Programme Objectives:

  • Discover the fundamentals of Face Reading
  • Learn about the history of Face Reading and its modern-day context
  • Learn how each facial feature corresponds to different stages and areas of a person's life
  • Learn how Face Reading is connected to Destiny
  • Explore how Face Reading reveals facets of a person's character
  • Discover your own strengths and weaknesses
  • Understand the characters of others better, and form more harmonious relationships with them

As the Lessons are suitably divided into relevant topics, you can immerse yourself fully in any one topic before moving on to the next one, ensuring that you have a balanced and comprehensive understanding of the various aspects of Mian Xiang study.

Get started on the fascinating world of Mian Xiang, and discover why faces will never be the same for you again.

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