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Our E-Learning Center offers courses in popular Chinese Metaphysics subjects; namely classical Feng Shui, BaZi and Mian Xiang.  To date, only the first part of the Feng Shui Program is available for students to pursue their studies, but rest assured that we will keep you updated, as more Programs, Levels and Lessons are added to the Center’s repertoire of academic courses!

Feng Shui Mastery Online Series™ Feng Shui Mastery Online Series™
In all probability, you would have heard of Feng Shui.  It’s the metaphysical science that studies landforms and the Qi these landforms produce, conduct and contain.  As such, knowledge of Feng Shui (lit. Wind & Water) allows us to harness the natural power of our environment – to help us attain our goals and therefore succeed in life!
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BaZi Mastery Online Series™ BaZi Mastery Online Series™
BaZi (lit. `Eight Characters’) is more popularly known to practitioners and students as `Four Pillars of Destiny’.  A person’s BaZi is in fact a Destiny DNA Code of his or her personality, capabilities, strengths and weaknesses.  With BaZi, we are also able to accurately foretell the opportunities and challenges that await us in life – therefore allowing us to make informed decisions as we navigate the twists-and-turns of life.
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Mian Xiang Mastery Online Series™ Mian Xiang Mastery Online Series™
With an illustrious history that predates to the era of the Yellow Emperor (Huang Di; circa 2,500 BC), Mian Xiang has been extensively utilized by the ancient Chinese Emperors to assess friends and foes alike.  Mian Xiang’s versatility lies in the fact that it takes the face to be not only an insight into a person’s character, but also a virtual map of this person’s destiny in life.  And of course, the face is usually the most exposed part of the human body – and doesn’t lie!
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Online Courses
Feng Shui Mastery Online Series™
Eight Mansions
Flying Stars
BaZi Mastery Online Series™
BaZi Reading Techniques 101
Palaces Of Influence
The Five Factors
Basic Analysis Techniques
Mian Xiang Mastery Online Series™
Fundamentals of Face Reading
Basic Face Shapes
Five Officers Analysis

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