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Level 1 consists of 40 Lessons that are duly divided into 4 Topics to expedite your learning curve and provide you with the integral basics you will find indispensable, as you progress in your Feng Shui studies. Click the "Add to Cart" button below to start enroll.

Feng Shui Mastery Online Series™ Level 1

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Lesson 1

Feng Shui Methodologies
Lesson Code : FSP1201

Lesson FSP1201 introduces the 2 basic methodologies used in Classical Feng Shui, and proceeds to acquaint students with the Luan Tou methodology, first. To build upon the knowledge you have acquired from the `Forms’ Lessons, you will delve deeper into the importance of Mountains and Water here, before moving on to familiarize themselves with the 5 most basic Mountain shapes, as defined in the ancient classical texts.

This Lesson concludes with a detailed discourse on the relationship between the Five Elements, and how they pertain to Mountain shapes, in influencing the Feng Shui of a place. Your knowledge of the Five Elements will be employed at this juncture, where you will also see it used vis-ŕ-vis actual audit methodologies!

Price: US$ 20.90

Lesson 2

Urban Environment Forms
Lesson Code : FSP1202

Classical Feng Shui is the metaphysical science of qualifying landforms, in order to harness the positive Qi circulating within an area. To do this, students must have a sound understanding of the forms and features that are not only found in remote areas, but also urban and suburban settings, as well.

Lesson FSP1202 shall emphasize this aspect, as well as the impact of different urban environmental forms on an urban property’s Feng Shui. Here, you will learn how the buildings and manmade structures around you impact the Feng Shui of a place, and to what extent, if they do.

Price: US$ 18.90

Lesson 3

The Impact Of Forms On Feng Shui
Lesson Code : FSP1203

In the previous Lesson, students learned about the various External and Internal Forms – and the role these Forms play in influencing a place or property’s Feng Shui. However, the question of `To what extent is the impact of a particular form on a place’s Feng Shui?’ still remains to be explored by students.

And this, in a nutshell, is what you will be doing in Lesson FSP1203.

Price: US$ 18.90

Lesson 4

Flora In Classical Feng Shui
Lesson Code : FSP1204

Do plants and flora play important roles (if any) in influencing the Feng Shui of a property or place?  While it must be emphasized that plants do not emit or produce any Qi per se, their very presence can uncannily `twist’ the Feng Shui of place to the `other end’ of the scales, if not properly observed.

Hence, students may expect Joey to debunk and clarify the usual misconceptions regarding flora vis-à-vis Classical Feng Shui.  In addition, Joey will also be highlighting the circumstances under which you may need to pay attention to the location of a plant.

Price: US$ 19.90

Lesson 5

Water In Feng Shui
Lesson Code : FSP1205

In Classical Feng Shui, external forms always take precedence over internally-applied formulas. This means, the natural environmental landforms surrounding a property will determine its Feng Shui, regardless of how a practitioner advises on the property’s internal layout.

Hence, Lesson FSP1205 introduces students to the indispensable fundamentals of one of the two most important factors in Landform Feng Shui: Water. Learn the role of Water in the context of Classical Feng Shui, and more importantly, gain an important introductory knowledge on how Water can be used.

Price: US$ 19.90

Lesson 6

Roads In Feng Shui
Lesson Code : FSP1206

While manmade features or objects do not generate any Qi by themselves, they do act as carriers or containers of Qi under certain circumstances.  As such, their presence and significance in Feng Shui must be paid equal attention to, as well.

In today’s modern world, roads and highways are inevitable and indispensable infrastructures that also play distinct roles in Feng Shui.  Hence, this Lesson will educate you on the function of roads as `virtual waterways’, and the various factors you should consider in assessing road formations.

Price: US$ 19.90

Lesson 7

Soil: The Foundation Of Landforms
Lesson Code : FSP1207

Having learnt about roads and their role in Classical Feng Shui, students will now study about the types of soil – and their respective influence on the Feng Shui of an area.

Soil forms the very foundation of all landforms, and different types of soil indicate the quality and type of Qi circulating within the vicinity. Lesson FSP1207 will therefore take students on a journey into knowing soil and land variations better, in order that they may assess landforms with a more critical eye.

Price: US$ 22.90

Lesson 8

The Four Celestial Animals In Feng Shui Theory
Lesson Code : FSP1208

In Classical Feng Shui, there are Four Celestial Animals that are very frequently referred to: The Green Dragon, White Tiger, Red Phoenix and Black Tortoise. Why are the Four Celestial Animals particularly referred to, and what do they represent or mean, in the context of Feng Shui?

Students will find these questions answered in this Lesson as Joey discourses this popular and often misunderstood Classical Feng Shui concept – and more.

Price: US$ 25.90

Lesson 9

The Study Of The Physiognomy Of The Land
Lesson Code : FSP1209

Ultimately, Classical Feng Shui is a metaphysical science that studies the physiognomy of landforms, in order to identify and ascertain the natural energies they produce, conduct and circulate.  Then and only then are we able to tap into the useful energies of positive Qi.

As such, Forms always take precedence over Formulas, for we must first have actual possession of something, before we can start using it. Learn how you can go about assessing landforms, even without NECESSARILY mastering sophisticated formulas first; with Joey’s interactive explanations.

Price: US$ 27.90

Each Online Lesson Includes:
Video Lecture Presentation Slide Downloadable Notes

Please note that upon commencing a lesson online, you will be able to access this lesson for as many times as you wish, up to 14 days from the exact date you start undergoing the lesson online. Hence, this 14-day period will only take effect from the moment you start undergoing the lesson online, and NOT when you enroll (i.e. purchase) the lesson.

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