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Level 1 consists of 40 Lessons that are duly divided into 4 Topics to expedite your learning curve and provide you with the integral basics you will find indispensable, as you progress in your Feng Shui studies. Click the "Add to Cart" button below to start enroll.

Feng Shui Mastery Online Series™ Level 1

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Lesson 1

Xuan Kong Flying Stars Feng Shui
Lesson Code : FSP1401

The Flying Stars (Fei Xing) system is one of the most well-known and widely-practised methods of Classical Feng Shui used by practitioners all over the world, today. As one of the simplest and most practical approaches to Feng Shui, Flying Stars are applied to assess the Feng Shui of a building’s INTERIOR; just like its counterpart, the Eight Mansions (Ba Zhai) method.

While Ba Zhai is, however, used to obtain long-term results, Flying Stars, being more dynamic in nature, are applied to produce fairly faster results. As such, both Flying Stars and Ba Zhai complement each other accordingly. Furthermore, as a specific goal-oriented approach, Flying Stars can also reveal `hidden’ information and detail affecting the occupants of a property; without them having to tell the practitioner about these aspects, first.

Price: US$ 24.90

Lesson 2

Establishing The Flying Stars Chart (Part 1)
Lesson Code : FSP1402

The Flying Stars Chart of a property is, in effect, the property’s astrological or natal birth chart that indicates its Feng Shui potential, strengths and of course, suitability with occupants. In addition, Flying Stars can also reveal `hidden’ information and details – such as the health, wealth and relationship prospects of residents – that allow for `predictive’ Feng Shui.

Lesson FSP1402 is the first of two Lessons (the next being Lesson FSP1403) that slowly but surely guides students towards plotting the Natal Flying Stars Chart of a building, with respect to the factors of Time and Direction. As such, it is important that students undertake BOTH Lessons FSP1402 and FSP1403, to complete their studies into how Flying Stars Charts are plotted and applied.

Price: US$ 20.90

Lesson 3

Establishing The Flying Stars Chart (Part 2)
Lesson Code : FSP1403

Lesson FSP1403 is the second of two Lessons that consummates Lesson FSP1402 by teaching students how to plot and use a property’s Natal Flying Stars Chart of a building; complete with Facing and Sitting Stars in all Nine Grids. With this, students are now able to proceed to the next (and much more interesting) stage: Analyses!

Price: US$ 20.90

Lesson 4

Principle Factors In Xuan Kong Flying Stars
Lesson Code : FSP1404

In Xuan Kong Flying Stars, each Star represents a different type of Qi, or body of Qi. Since Qi is dynamic and perpetually changing in nature, every Star has its own cycle of strength, which allows us to analyze the different stages or phases of the Qi it represents.

Hence, in referring to the `Timeliness’ of Stars in Xuan Kong Flying Stars, we are in effect talking about the positive and negative effects of these Stars, in tandem with the passing of Time. And this, in essence, is what students can expect to learn in this Lesson.

Price: US$ 21.90

Lesson 5

Facing and Sitting Stars
Lesson Code : FSP1405

By this Lesson, students should be capable of plotting a Natal Flying Stars Chart according to the relevant Period, and using the Luo Shu Path and Nine Palaces Grid Method.

Since a Flying Stars Chart divides a property into 9 sectors, each sector is occupied by what practitioners term a Base Star, a Facing Star and a Sitting Star. Each of these Stars plays an equally important role in influencing the property’s Feng Shui and its residents, and as such, it is imperative for students to master the precepts of the `other’ 2 stars that accompany the Base Star; i.e. the Facing Star and Sitting Star.

Price: US$ 21.90

Lesson 6

The Nine Stars In Xuan Kong Fei Xing
Lesson Code : FSP1406

It would be next-to-impossible for any student of Xuan Kong Fei Xing NOT to know the nature and qualities (or lack thereof) attributable to each of the Nine Flying Stars.

Of course, factors such as Timeliness and Forms come into play in determining the strength of Stars, but each Star has its own element, Gua and hence, effects on human beings. By knowing which the positive and negative Stars are, we are able to tap into or avoid their effects subsequently. As such, a proficient knowledge of the various, diverse attributes of each Star will enable students to undertake analyses and case studies at a much more advanced level, as they progress in their Feng Shui studies in general, and Xuan Kong studies in particular.

Price: US$ 22.90

Lesson 7

Activating & Deactivating Stars in Xuan Kong
Lesson Code : FSP1407

In Xuan Kong Fei Xing, the general rule-of-thumb used by practitioners and students is to:

  • Activate or enhance positive/good stars; and
  • Deactivate or weaken negative/bad stars, for obvious reasons.

What students will find particularly interesting in this Lesson, however, is the interplay between Feng Shui and BaZi (a branch of Chinese Astrology that specializes in Destiny Analysis). Put simply, we are all born with a certain, albeit limited, capacity in life, and while Feng Shui (as the Earth Luck component) is intended to allow us to maximize our Heaven Luck (represented by our BaZi), `overloading’ one’s potential could indeed lead to disastrous outcomes for the person concerned. And this is the crux of Lesson FSP1407, which not only shows students how to activate/deactivate Stars, but more importantly, WHEN to do so.

Price: US$ 23.90

Lesson 8

Flying Stars Feng Shui In Period 8
Lesson Code : FSP1408

In the study of San Yuan Feng Shui, there are 3 Cycles, with each Cycle consisting of 3 Periods. Since each Period in turn is made up of 20 standard Gregorian years, a Cycle therefore consists of 60 years.

We are currently in Period 8, which spans from 2004 to 2023. As such, the #8 Base Star occupies the Central Palace in Period 8 properties (which students have already learnt to determine, in previous Lessons), with the #8 Facing and #8 Sitting Stars being most prominent during the Period as well.

It is therefore apt for students to gain a deeper, more profound understanding into what Period 8 holds for properties, from the Flying Stars perspective. This will enable them to become not only more proficient, but also more skilful in applying their Flying Stars skills vis-à-vis Period 8 Flying Stars criteria.

Price: US$ 24.90

Lesson 9

Xuan Kong Flying Stars Applications: Opening the Prosperous Door
Lesson Code : FSP1409

As students have learnt in Lesson FSP1408, in analyzing and applying Flying Stars to a property, it is NOT always and automatically about upgrading the property’s Natal Chart to the current Period. Rather, it is more about USING the property’s Natal Chart in the context of the current Period’s criteria and Qi patterns. In fact, upgrading a property without first carrying out an in-depth analysis may well bring about serious repercussions for its occupants.

In this Lesson, students will learn how to `Open the Door’ to usher-in positive Qi from certain sectors of a building; regardless of its Natal Chart. Hence, knowledge of how to assess the building’s Facing Direction and plot its Natal Flying Stars Chart is required as pre-requisites towards successfully completing Lesson FSP1409. With that, however, students are ready to analyze properties, and determine where and how Qi can be channelled into a certain part of a house, to benefit the residents.

Price: US$ 25.90

Lesson 10

Xuan Kong Flying Stars For Bedrooms
Lesson Code : FSP1410

The bedroom is one of the three most important features in a house or residence, given that we spend at least one-third of our lives resting and rejuvenating ourselves. As such, we would naturally prefer our bedrooms to be imbued with the most ideal Qi possible, which will support sleep-related (Yin) activities.

This is where knowledge of Sitting Stars comes in handy. While Facing Stars govern wealth-related pursuits, Sitting Stars govern health, relationship and people luck. Hence, in this Lesson, students shall learn how to tap into positive Sitting Stars to enjoy good health and relationship prospects in life.

Price: US$ 21.90

Lesson 11

Using Flying Stars With Eight Mansions
Lesson Code : FSP1411

As students reach the pinnacle of their Level 1 studies, there might be some queries, even doubts, on whether internal formulas such as Flying Stars (Fei Xing) and Eight Mansions (Ba Zhai) can actually be applied simultaneously, for the same property – without clashing with each other.

The truth is, no validated, time-tested Feng Shui formula really `clashes’ with another formula – from the literal and lateral interpretation of the word. And Ba Zhai and Fei Xing are indeed methodologies that have withstood the test of time in terms of accuracy and results. As such, in this Lesson, students will see how Flying Stars and Eight Mansions CAN and DO come together, in Feng Shui application, from a Level 1 perspective, of course. More importantly, they will UNDERSTAND how they can go about applying Flying Stars and Eight Mansions on the SAME property, to derive a multitude of intended outcomes!

Price: US$ 30.90

Each Online Lesson Includes:
Video Lecture Presentation Slide Downloadable Notes

Please note that upon commencing a lesson online, you will be able to access this lesson for as many times as you wish, up to 14 days from the exact date you start undergoing the lesson online. Hence, this 14-day period will only take effect from the moment you start undergoing the lesson online, and NOT when you enroll (i.e. purchase) the lesson.

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