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Level 1 consists of 40 Lessons that are duly divided into 4 Topics to expedite your learning curve and provide you with the integral basics you will find indispensable, as you progress in your Feng Shui studies. Click the "Add to Cart" button below to start enroll.

Feng Shui Mastery Online Series™ Level 1

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Lesson 1

Eight Mansions (Ba Zhai)
Lesson Code : FSP1301

Along with Flying Stars, the Eight Mansions (Ba Zhai) method is one of the most widely used – and effective – means of assessing and enhancing the Feng Shui of a property.

In this Lesson, Joey will be showing students how to apply this Internal Feng Shui Formula to the interiors of residences, commercial properties and buildings; after the influence of external forms have been ascertained. The Eight Mansions technique allows us to apply Feng Shui to attain long-term goals, which makes it suitable for house-planning and layout purposes

Price: US$ 20.90

Lesson 2

Eight Mansions (Ba Zhai) & The Luo Shu
Lesson Code : FSP1302

What do we get, if we were to merge Ba Zhai with the Luo Shu? A dynamic, compact model that integrates the factors of Location and Direction onto a singular platform! And with its ability to immediately allow Gua deduction, quick yet accurate analyses may be made using this model.

Students will learn how the Ba Zhai and Luo Shu are fused onto a single model, as well as how this model can be used to deduce the Favourable and Unfavourable Directions for different Group individuals.

Price: US$ 20.90

Lesson 3

The 4 Positive Wandering Stars
Lesson Code : FSP1303

In the study of Feng Shui and its systems such as Eight Mansions (Ba Zhai) and Flying Stars (Fei Xing), `Stars’ are used to represent and identify different bodies of Qi. Often, these Stars are assigned an individual number and even a specific colour, in order for practitioners to understand the types of Qi they represent, as well as their corresponding effects on human beings and our endeavours.

As such, students will be introduced to the concept of Stars in Feng Shui, and in particular, the 4 Positive Wandering Stars in Eight Mansions theory. More importantly, they will learn what these Positive Stars represent, and the implications and effects brought about by the presence and absence of these Stars, which will allow them to consolidate their knowledge of Ba Zhai.

Price: US$ 20.90

Lesson 4

The 4 Negative Wandering Stars
Lesson Code : FSP1304

Stars represent bodies of Qi in the study of Classical Feng Shui, and the aim of Classical Feng Shui is to harness the positive energies of our environment, to help us succeed in our endeavours in life. Hence, it is a matter of enhancing what is positive, and avoiding or minimizing what is negative.

Having studied the beneficial effects of the 4 Positive Wandering Stars in the preceding Lesson, students will now study the ill-effects brought about by the 4 Negative Wandering Stars that consummate the study of Stars in Eight Mansions Feng Shui. After all, no one phrased it better than the Chinese military genius, Sun Tzu, when he wrote in his classic treatise, The Art of War, millennia ago: “Know yourself, know your enemy; a hundred battles, a hundred victories.”

Price: US$ 21.90

Lesson 5

Eight Mansions & The Life Gua
Lesson Code : FSP1305

Our Life Gua dictates our Favourable and Unfavourable Directions, depending on which Group we fall under: East or West. In Ba Zhai (Eight Mansions), those in the East Group have the same Favourable and Unfavourable Directions, and likewise, those in the West Group share the same Favourable and Unfavourable Directions.

This Lesson is a particularly important one if a student wishes to grasp the very essence of the Life Gua method; as it shows students HOW to calculate the Life Gua. This is the all-important first step to be undertaken, as only with the Life Gua number can a person’s Favourable (and Unfavourable) Directions be determined.

Price: US$ 24.90

Lesson 6

Using Life Gua In Eight Mansions Feng Shui
Lesson Code : FSP1306

In previous Lessons under the Ba Zhai (Eight Mansions) Topic, students have learnt how to calculate Life Gua numbers, which allows them to subsequently derive the Favourable and Unfavourable Directions for East and West Group persons.

To build upon the knowledge and skills students have acquired in earlier Lessons, Lesson FSP1306 will show them how the Life Gua method is applied, in the context of Eight Mansions Feng Shui. What students will find particularly interesting here is the knowledge to apply Life Gua in relation to the internal features/forms found in a house or residential property – in `tuning into’ the right Qi to help people succeed in their life’s endeavours.

Price: US$ 24.90

Lesson 7

Advanced Life Gua Application
Lesson Code : FSP1307

As students draw to the end of the Eight Mansions Topic in their Feng Shui Level 1 studies, it is imperative for them to be able to comprehend the concept of `Death & Emptiness’, in the context of the Eight Trigrams (Ba Gua), which have been so extensively referred to throughout this Topic.

Classical Feng Shui is an `outside in’ study, where external forms always take precedence over internal formulas, for reasons that should well be grounded in the students’ understanding by this stage. As such, Lesson FSP1307 is a revision of sorts, where students will have a final `go-through’ of the contents they have studied throughout their Eight Mansions studies, thus far. This will better prepare them to undertake a higher level of study, at least insofar as Eight Mansions Feng Shui is concerned.

Price: US$ 28.90

Lesson 8

Mistakes Student Commonly Make In Eight Mansions
Lesson Code : FSP1308

As a finale to Eight Mansions for Level 1, it is important for students to be aware and take cognizant of the common mistakes made by students with regard to Eight Mansions Feng Shui. Indeed, it is not unusual to see even advanced-level students harbouring certain misconceptions, which they will naturally apply in their practice of Ba Zhai.

`Prevention’ is the key word here, as students who have been made aware of such popular errors and misconceptions will not only be less prone to repeat them in the future, but also gain a clearer picture of why, how and what certain things are done; should ambiguities arise in the future.

Price: US$ 19.90

Each Online Lesson Includes:
Video Lecture Presentation Slide Downloadable Notes

Please note that upon commencing a lesson online, you will be able to access this lesson for as many times as you wish, up to 14 days from the exact date you start undergoing the lesson online. Hence, this 14-day period will only take effect from the moment you start undergoing the lesson online, and NOT when you enroll (i.e. purchase) the lesson.

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