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Online Course What Is BaZi

The ancient Chinese, through their observations of the Heavens and natural phenomena, wisely concluded that the interaction between Heaven, Earth and Man determines the multi-faceted outcomes of a person’s Destiny. And just as the future is always in motion, the Qi forces of Yin and Yang are dynamic and constantly change in accordance with the passing of time. Bazi. Bazi just like science is an evolving and advancing study of Destiny.

Your birth data (year, month, day and time of birth) is an intricate code that contains information on your Destiny – your talents, your hidden abilities, your character, strengths, weaknesses, challenges in life, achievements, and your luck cycle.

“Unveiling the Code of Heaven”. Taking control of your life begins with understanding not just yourself, but your destiny and most importantly your Luck. This is what Bazi is all about, understanding your own destiny in order to make better informed decisions. The Four Pillars (Bazi) is a complex system of calculating information gathered. In order to draw up a Bazi Chart, the year, month, day and time of birth must be known.

Watch this step by step guide video presentation by Joey Yap on how to decipher the Ten Thousand Year Calendar, a lessons on how to plot your very own BaZi chart.

Program Objectives:

  • Learn about Chinese Astrology
  • Feng Shui and Destiny - What's the link?
  • What's your Personality?
  • Discover ways to tap into your Wealth Luck
  • Cultivate a Harmonious Relationship around you
  • Who's Right and Who's Not for you
  • Create a Happy Environment wherever you are
  • Choose the right Career that Propels you to Great Achievements
  • Pinpoint your Strengths and your Weaknesses
  • Learn how to Avoid Obstacles in your life
  • Making the Right Decisions at the Right Time

Our BaZi shall consist of three (3) Levels, which allow students to deepen their knowledge of BaZi as they gradually progress from Level 1 to Level 3.  Each Level, in turn, consists of a pre-determined number of Lessons, which touch on the various, diverse facets of BaZi.

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