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Online Course What Is BaZi

BaZi Mastery Online Series™ Level 1

BaZi is all about understanding your own destiny in order to make better informed decisions. Level 1 consists of 38 Lessons that are duly divided into 5 Topics to expedite your learning curve and provide you with the integral basics you will find indispensable, as you progress in your BaZi studies.

Each Lesson consists of:

  • A video lecture presented by Joey Yap himself; accompanied by
  • Slide-presentations to facilitate your understanding of the video lecture’s contents; and
  • Downloadable tutorial notes, which you may print and file for your reference and revision. 

Topics under BaZi Mastery Online Series™ Level 1:

Fundamentals (10 lessons)
The Chinese spent more than 3 millennia pondering upon life, the universe and the role Man played in this elaborate theater. This led them to question the very purpose of our existence. One question led to another, and they soon immersed themselves studying the correlation between humankind and what life particularly holds in store for each human being. This ramification of Chinese Astrology is known as BaZi.
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BaZi Reading Techniques 101 (10 lessons)
A personís destiny is the outcome of the interaction between the Cosmic Trinity forces; namely Heaven, Earth and Man. Since these forces are dynamic and constantly influence each other, wouldnít it only plausible and logical that the future is always in motion, and nothing is truly in stone? To tap in details into this mystery, one must know the technique of BaZi reading.
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Palaces Of Influence (6 lessons)
Bazi is not about getting rich, but we cannot survive on only fresh air and clean water today, can we? Even in the Scriptures, God created Man and Woman, that they may seek comfort and companionship in each other. Friendships, relationships and marriages are indeed made in heaven, but why is it that some relationships just donít last? Science evolves and advances; otherwise its true purpose would have been defeated. The same holds true of Bazi. To gain a firm grasp of Bazi is to understand the tenets of both the classical and modernized approaches. Under this topic, we will share with you the crux of the classics, and explaining the relevance of each principle.
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The Five Factors (6 lessons)
Your Bazi is your Destiny Code. Each of these elements holds within it a meaning. The elements hold within it a meaning. The elements can represent people or actions or personality traits or abilities. In this topic, you will learn what the elements mean for each of the ten types of Day Master. The elements that represent these Five Factors change, depending on your Day Master. The outcomes of these interactions and relationships determine the significance or impact of a particular event in the aspects of your life. And how do they interact with and influence each other? Thereís is only one way to find out!
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Basic Analysis Techniques (6 lessons)
While BaZi can yield tremendously rich information about a person's life and their destiny, it all comes down to naught if you're unable to accurately read and analyse a BaZi chart. BaZi Analysis is neither complicated nor overwhelmingly complex, yet there are some basic fundamental techniques that need to be learned and understood in order to correctly interpret information from the charts and use it for one's own benefit. Five key aspects of life are featured in these 6 lessons: Wealth, Career, Relationship, Children, and Health.
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Each Online Lesson Includes:
Video Lecture Presentation Slide Downloadable Notes

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