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Level 1 consists of 38 Lessons that are duly divided into 5 Topics to expedite your learning curve and provide you with the integral basics you will find indispensable, as you progress in your BaZi studies. Click the "Add to Cart" button below to start enroll.

BaZi Mastery Online Series™ Level 1

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Lesson 1

The Day Master
Lesson Code : BZP1301

The Auxiliary and 10 Gods stars are within the palaces in your birth chart that represents a certain aspect or subject in your life. Whether you have the closeness or fondness with the people surrounding are what Joey will unravel to you.

Price: US$ 20.90

Lesson 2

The Day Branch - The Spouse Palace's Influence
Lesson Code : BZP1302

In a BaZi Chart, the Spouse Palace is located directly under the Daymaster, the Day Branch. For a man, the element within the Spouse Palace has to be an element he controls. As for the women, it will be an element which controls her.

Price: US$ 24.90

Lesson 3

The Year Pillar - The Ancestral Palace's Influence
Lesson Code : BZP1303

The relationship with one’s grandparents or extended family is represented by the Year Pillar in the BaZi Chart. This is also known as the Grandparents or Ancestral Palace. However the Ancestral Palace influences much more that the relationship you have with your grandparents.

Price: US$ 20.90

Lesson 4

The Month Pillar - The Parents Palace's Influence
Lesson Code : BZP1304

With the Year Pillar is the Ancestral Pillar and the Month Pillar represents the Parents Palaces in a BaZi Chart. In this lesson, turn to the Month Pillar in a BaZi chart to scrutinize the bond or kinship of one with the parents, immediately family, siblings or their immediate superiors in the workplace.

Price: US$ 21.90

Lesson 5

The Hour Pillar - The Children Palace's Influence
Lesson Code : BZP1305

Before moving on further into this lesson, let’s recap on the Palaces of Influences and their representations from the earlier lessons.

The Year Pillar - The Ancestral Palace
The Month Pillar – The Parents Palace
The Day Branch – The Spouse Palace

Price: US$ 24.90

Lesson 6

Lesson Code : BZP1306

In this lesson, Joey will advance to explore in detail a sample BaZi chart and its Palaces of Influence. Firstly, establish a firm understanding on all the Palaces of Influences and their importance in a BaZi chart. Affirm how each palace relates to one another and with the Luck Pillars.

Price: US$ 20.90

Each Online Lesson Includes:
Video Lecture Presentation Slide Downloadable Notes

Please note that upon commencing a lesson online, you will be able to access this lesson for as many times as you wish, up to 14 days from the exact date you start undergoing the lesson online. Hence, this 14-day period will only take effect from the moment you start undergoing the lesson online, and NOT when you enroll (i.e. purchase) the lesson.

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