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Level 1 consists of 38 Lessons that are duly divided into 5 Topics to expedite your learning curve and provide you with the integral basics you will find indispensable, as you progress in your BaZi studies. Click the "Add to Cart" button below to start enroll.

BaZi Mastery Online Series™ Level 1

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Lesson 1

Wealth Analysis
Lesson Code : BZP1501

Was it written in the stars for you to be rich? This lesson will show you how to examine a BaZi chart for wealth capacity, and takes a fundamental approach to investigate the effects and significance of the Wealth Element.

Price: US$ 24.90

Lesson 2

Career Analysis
Lesson Code : BZP1502

Are you in the right career, or are you slaving away in a job that is ill-suited to your potential? This lesson on Career Analysis shows you how determine a person's career prospects by examining his or her BaZi chart.

Price: US$ 24.90

Lesson 3

Relationship Analysis
Lesson Code : BZP1503

Are you looking to fulfill realistic relationship 'fantasies'? And by that, we mean that as opposed to looking for that ideal, perfect soulmate, you're on the lookout for a partner with whom you can be compatible and sustain a mutually-nurturing and enriching relationship. If so, BaZi for Relationship Analysis has plenty to offer you.

Price: US$ 24.90

Lesson 4

Children Analysis
Lesson Code : BZP1504

Another fundamental concern for most people during BaZi analysis is the topic of children. Most people, besides wanting to know about their career, luck, and fortune, are concerned about whether or not they’re able to have children, and how their children will affect their lives. This lesson shows you how to do a Children Analysis on your BaZi chart.

Price: US$ 24.90

Lesson 5

Health Analysis
Lesson Code : BZP1505

Health concerns form another major part of Feng Shui and BaZi inquiries. Most often, people want to know what potential health problems are in store for them so that they are able to do something about it before it gets worse. This lesson on Health Analysis in BaZi will show you how to identify key basic areas that affect, and contribute to, your general health and wellbeing.

Price: US$ 24.90

Lesson 6

Lesson Code : BZP1506

The final video in the Basic Analysis series is focused solely on providing a detailed, thorough recap of the previous 5 analyses through the example of one BaZi chart. Throughout the course of the video, all previous 5 analysis-types are discussed again, and the important highlights and points are brought to the attention of the students.

Price: US$ 22.90

Each Online Lesson Includes:
Video Lecture Presentation Slide Downloadable Notes

Please note that upon commencing a lesson online, you will be able to access this lesson for as many times as you wish, up to 14 days from the exact date you start undergoing the lesson online. Hence, this 14-day period will only take effect from the moment you start undergoing the lesson online, and NOT when you enroll (i.e. purchase) the lesson.

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