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Online Course What Is Mian Xiang

Mian Xiang Mastery Online Series™ Level 1

Every face has a story to tell, and Mian Xiang is the ancient Chinese art of Face Reading that focuses on observing and studying the face to gain insight into a person's character and destiny. Level 1 consists of 18 Lessons that are divided into 3 Topics to help you understand and develop your Face Reading knowledge and skills in a step-by-step method that is thorough and comprehensive.

Each Lesson consists of:

  • A video lecture presented by Joey Yap himself; accompanied by
  • Slide-presentations to facilitate your understanding of the video lecture's contents; and
  • Downloadable tutorial notes, which you may print and file for your reference and revision

Topics under Mian Xiang Mastery Online Series™ Level 1:

Fundamentals of Face Reading (8 lessons)
Consider the face a book with unlimited stories to tell... and each feature corresponding to a specific chapter of your life. Which pages will you turn to when you need to figure out what's in store for you in your 30's, when your career is at its peak? Or maybe you're curious about how your life will play out in your golden years. Get acquainted with the fascinating and always-entertaining art of Mian Xiang, Face Reading, and discover how a wealth of information awaits you on the study of a person's personality. And all this information is right there in front of your eyes... staring you in the face!
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Basic Face Shapes (5 lessons)
When we think 'shapes,' we tend to think of the typical shapes that are a part of our day-to-day lives - round, square, triangle, etc. But in Face Reading, shapes correspond to the Five Elements: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water. This 5 Element Face shapes have their own respective features and traits that are intrinsic to the qualities of each Element. In these five lessons Joey Yap will show you what each of the Elements mean in relation to the Face, and what kind of characteristics and personality traits emerge out of it.
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Five Officers Analysis (5 lessons)
This particular section focuses on the Five Officers of the face. In Face Reading, it constitutes the most important aspect of the practice, as the Five Officers correspond to the five main features of the face. These are the Eyes, Eyebrows, Nose, Mouth, and Ears. Analysing these 5 Officers yields tremendous richness and depth in Face Reading. These lessons go through each of the officers, or features, on an in-depth basis so you can understand the implications of each on the practice of Face Reading.
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Each Online Lesson Includes:
Video Lecture Presentation Slide Downloadable Notes

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