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Live workshops, tutorials, seminars and courses…all broadcasted LIVE to your computer – no matter which part of the world you are in.  That’s MA Live!, in a nutshell.

Get front-row seats, and have Joey Yap - or any of our Certified Instructors - in your living room (or anywhere else you wish), minus the hassle of actually trying to get front-row seats.

MA Live! allows you to participate actively in a workshop, tutorial, seminar or course in REAL TIME.  Pose your questions LIVE and get your answers immediately.  Chat with fellow students as you acquire knowledge of Chinese Metaphysics.

With this feature, distance, time, traveling costs etc shall no longer be barriers to learning.  All you have to do is park yourself in front of your computer, webcam, microphone and a set of earphones and tune-in to this online feature.  Times and schedules will be announced on an `as and when’ basis.

A live class in progress at the Mastery Academy

Study `live’ online – without having to go to class - via MA Live!
MA Live
Discover MA Live!
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