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How many lessons are there in Feng Shui Level One?


There are 40 lessons in Feng Shui Level One.


How are the lessons in Feng Shui Level One structured?


The 40 lessons in Feng Shui Level One are divided into 4 Suites –
FS11Fundamentals 12 Lessons
FS12Forms 9 Lessons
FS13Eight Mansions8 Lessons
FS14Flying Stars 11 Lessons


Do I need to complete all 40 lessons in order to get a Certificate?


NO. All you need is to complete 26 elective lessons in Level One and you will receive a Certificate to enable you to advance to Level 2 of the MA Online Course.


Do I have to start all over again if I decide later to join the classroom-based Courses offered by the Mastery Academy?


NO. If you have completed the 26 elective lessons in Level One, you will be exempted from Module One of our Feng Shui Mastery Series (i.e. our classroom-based course). This Level One Certificate allows you to directly enroll for Module Two of our Feng Shui Mastery Series, if you decide to do so.


What is the format of the Online Course (or e-learning) lessons?


The format is typically a video presentation by Joey Yap, combined with slide presentation and handouts to be downloaded and a quiz at the end of each lesson. The video presentation covering each lesson will be between 15 to 20 minutes plus access to our existing Discussion Forums.


Is the Online Course interactive? Can I ask questions to the trainer, or do I just receive the materials?


It is NOT interactive. However, we will provide you the MA Tutorials, which you can print out and file for future reference.


How do I pay for the Online Course lessons?


You can purchase individual lessons, bundles of lessons from the various e-Learning Suites, or the entire combo of 26 elective lessons or the entire series of 40 lessons.
The various packages available are outlined in our E-Learning Center’s website.
Payment is made at the time of purchase. Once the payment transaction is approved, you will receive the Username and Password via an email to access the course materials.


Can I use any computer to access my Course Lessons?


YES, you can do this – but we only allow one PC to download and print the materials.


How long will I be able to access my lessons? How much time do I get to complete a lesson?


For each lesson, you can continue to access the same lesson for a period of 14 days. The Start Date for each lesson is when you first click on the “Begin Lesson” button of each lesson. The End Date will be calculated 14 days after the Start Date.
For example, if you start your class on 01 June 2006, your End Date for that lesson is 14 June 2006.


Will I be required to sit for a test to qualify for a certificate, and if so, how does it work?


Yes, students who have duly completed the compulsory stipulated lessons each Level of the Online Course they have undergone, will be eligible to sit for a Test. The Test will be in the form of an online, 60 minutes objective paper, ONLY STUDENTS WHO HAVE SATISFIED THE MINIMUM PASSING MARK OF 50% SHALL BE AWARDED A CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION.


If I have strong fundamentals in Feng Shui – either having done the Mastery Academy’s Module One Live Course, or studied in another school – and I am only interested in doing one lesson (or a few selected lessons) in Level One as revision, can I do this or would I still need to do the Fundamentals lessons?


Yes, if you already have strong fundamentals in Feng Shui through the Mastery Academy’s Live Course or through another school, you may pick and choose the required lessons without taking the Fundamentals Suite.


If I have completed Level One, but now I wish to learn some lessons that I did not take before, can I go back to do this?


Yes, you can always do this by signing up for the lesson(s) which you have not taken before.


Now, further to Q11 above, if I would like to re-do the lesson which I have already sat for in Level One as revision, do I have to pay for the full fee again?


Yes, you may always “re-sit” for the same lesson(s) again by paying a nominal fee of 20% of the regular fee of that lesson(s).


What kind of computer or other hardware do I need?


Any PC or Macintosh computer will be fine. You will also need a modem and a connection to the Internet. Check out the specific hardware requirements here.


Will I need to buy and learn to use complicated software?


Our Online software program is provided to you free of charge. It is designed especially for online learning and allows anyone with even basic computer skills to be up and running in no time. In addition, you will receive a free online orientation in advance through the first two lessons to assure that you are completely up to speed to continue with the remaining lessons.


Who will help me if I run into a technical problem?


If you do run into any technical problem, please email us.


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