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The Mastery Academy’s goal, as has been since our inception, is simple: To share authentic knowledge of Chinese Metaphysics with the whole world.

Nevertheless, we do recognize that distance, time and traveling costs – amongst many other factors – could actually hinder people from enrolling for a classroom-based course.  But with the advent and amazing advance of Information Technology (IT) today, NOT any more!

With IT, physical borders are surmounted, the barriers of communication broken down, and the knowledge of information expedited and made easier.  As such, online learning offers certain distinct advantages to learners, that a conventional classroom-approach doesn’t (for obvious reasons).

At the Mastery Academy of Chinese Metaphysics, we believe that innovation is the way forward.  With this in mind, we have invested heavily in IT, to conceive what is, in ALL probability, the 1st and only one of its kind in the world today that deals in Chinese Metaphysics in particular, and human knowledge in general: The Mastery Academy’s E-Learning Center.

Now, armed with your trusty computer or laptop, and Internet access, knowledge of classical Feng Shui, BaZi (Destiny Analysis) and Mian Xiang (Face Reading) are but a literal click away! 

Study at your own pace, and interact with your Instructor and fellow students worldwide…without having to leave your bedroom (if you wish).  With our E-Learning Center, knowledge of Chinese Metaphysics is brought DIRECTLY to you in all its clarity – topic by topic, and lesson by lesson; with illustrated presentations and comprehensive notes expediting your learning curve!

Our E-Learning Center consists of 3 distinct components:

  1. Online Courses
    These shall comprise of 3 Programs: our Online Feng Shui Program, Online BaZi Program, and Online Mian Xiang Program.  Each Program consists of several Levels, with each Level consisting of many Lessons in turn.  Each Lesson contains a pre-recorded video session on the topic at hand, accompanied by presentation-slides and graphics as well as downloadable tutorial notes that you can print and file for future reference.

  2. MA Live!
    Specially created by the Mastery Academy team, MA Live! enables, as its name implies, LIVE broadcasts of Joey Yap’s courses and seminars – right to your computer screen.  Students will not only get to see and hear Joey talk `live’, but also participate and more importantly, TALK to Joey via the MA Live! interface.  All the benefits of a live class, minus the hassle of actually having to attend one!

  3. Webinars
    Get immediate streaming-downloads of the Mastery Academy’s wide range of educational DVDs, right on your computer screen.  No more shipping costs and waiting time to be incurred!

Welcome to our E-Learning Center…your virtual gateway to Chinese Metaphysics!

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